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Accident at Loharpurva while on the way to Varanasi to Lumbini,
three foreigners injured.

Bus Trampled Visitor’s Car

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A car carrying foreign tourists from Varanasi to Lumbini was struck by a bus. In the incident, three out of seven got injured and include tourists from Australia and England along with the driver.

They were admitted to a medical college nearby. DM Ranjan Kumar and DSP Dilip Kumar met the injured at evening.

Stephen Wales (52) with wife Terri Wales (50) and daughter Elizabeth Stechan (23) from New South Wales (Australia) came on a tour to India.

All arrived Varanasi at 4 o’clock in morning. From there, they booked a Xylo from RAJ Travels for their trip to Lumbini. With them were Patrick John McCain and two others from England, along with the driver Dinesh Upadhyay (45) from Varanasi.

The incident occurred at 11:30 in the morning when their car was deep in the forest of Loharpurva, Campierganj.

An out-of-control bus from a Varanasi depot approached and Dinesh tried to avoid a collision, but a part of the car was forcefully hit by the bus.

In the incident Dinesh, Patrick, and Terri were seriously injured. Stephen and Elizabeth got small bruises, as did two of the others. After the incident, the seriously injured were shifted to a primary health center at Campierganj from where they were sent to Medical College Gorakhpur for more treatment.

After the incident both the bus driver and the tourists left the region.